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"My mission is to be the beacon of hope during this challenging time, 
ensuring that each person emerges from divorce with resilience, confidence, and the determination to start anew."


A New Vision For Divorce

Working alongside Nancy as your divorce coach has paved a more supportive path for people navigating divorce. Her approach offers you a helping hand with expert guidance, professional coaching, and a lot of understanding.

Nancy's array of services covers all the bases during divorce–from emotional support to legal guidance, financial expertise, real estate insights, wellness advice, and even assistance with paperwork and legal documentation. No need to worry about expensive attorney fees for forms; she's got you covered with ready-made divorce settlements and all the necessary paperwork, especially if children are involved.

With Nancy by your side, the divorce journey becomes a more integrated and efficient process, leading to better outcomes and even cost savings.

Nancy, with 24 years of experience as a former family therapist, has a knack for helping clients reduce anxiety and feelings of isolation. She will be with you every step of the way, making sure you feel the warmth of her supportive community and knowledge. Having personally experienced the challenges of a high-conflict divorce, she can truly empathize with your journey and is here to provide the comfort and support you need to make it as smooth as possible.

The initial and essential stage is to contact Nancy for help. We offer compassionate and tailored FREE advice and aid as you contemplate your next step. Our responsibility is to guide you towards the appropriate path that will provide you with serenity and solace during this challenging circumstance.

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High Conflict Divorce

Why a Divorce Coach is Your Secret Weapon in Battling a Narcissist and a Drama-Packed Divorce

  “Never said that."
"You're remembering it wrong."
"You heard me incorrectly."

Heard these lines before? I certainly have. You know what these are? Gaslighting. 🤢

Here's a fun fact: All narcissists use gaslighting. Whether they're covert, grandiose, or malignant, it's their go-to emotional abuse tool.

Why, you ask? To make you doubt your sanity, throw you off balance, seize control, and convince you they're the brainiac .

So, when it's negotiation time, you're already behind. That's where I step in! 😎

This is why I'm here – to assist folks just like you in tackling those challenging individuals! I've been through the same uphill battle.

👉 👉 Ready to Put the Narcissist in Their Place? You bet!

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Read What People Have To Say About Divorce Coach Nancy:

All testimonials are anonymous in order to prioritize  our clients' privacy

"Even though we’d agreed that I would eventually buy him out, my husband wouldn’t leave the house until everything was settled and the payment was made." 

"With Nancy’s help because my lawyer couldn’t make him go. She helped me come up with a plan. He moved out and I moved in with a roommate that helped me pay for half of what he was going to pay until I was able to buy him out. By the way my roommate was a lot more pleasant than he was. Lol"

 - 40 year old divorced woman

"Twenty-year marriage — I found out while she was in surgery that she was talking to a man on Facebook, telling him he was separated and sending them money (money I was transferring him to pay bills)."

I went to Divorce Coach Nancy and she asked, 'What do you want to do?' My answer was, 'To be happy.' That was the moment I knew the marriage was over."

-57 year old divorced man

"Once the divorce was finalized, I can say it was quite daunting to wrap my mind around the fact that my marriage was truly over and that your life as a single person has resumed." 

"When I contacted Nancy, through her coaching after my marriage ended, she helped by guiding me to find ways to understand and cope."

 "It was an amazing experience to learn through her how you can handle your emotions after divorce and I can offer support to my children the best possible, as they try to cope through their own divorce. And not losing my mind."

-38 year old woman

"When I saw the text messages between him and his 19-year-old coworker when I was six months pregnant. He left me a week before our second daughter was born..."

"Nancy helped me realize, It was actually a blessing in disguise, I divorced him. I moved on and met someone who treated me way better than he ever did, got married, and we added another baby to our family."

-38 year old divorced woman

"When I met Nancy, I was devastated. My wife left me because she said it was impossible to have any type of communication with me. "

"I clearly did not see it! I was struggling after 10 years of marriage that I didn’t see it coming."

"Nancy taught me how to resolve conflicts and communicate with love and understanding. I now can see where I failed my wife and without her guidance and her showing me through an outside perspective, and it has changed me as a man and with my new relationship."

-60 year old divorced man

After several coaching sessions with Nancy, I learned how to get back into the routines of daily life. Most likely, many of those routines were not the same as when I was married. Nancy helped me through my anxiety and discovered ways to minimize the negative effects the divorce has on yourself and your children."

-29 year old woman

"I was married over 20 years and I always felt I wasn’t enough for my husband. I was always trying to prove to him my worth. At times, he made me feel unattractive and useless if I want to be honest."

 "When Nancy showed me the way, she was able to pinpoint exactly who I was married to." 

"This woman was a TOXIC woman that destroyed my heart through my children and I confused it for love." 

"What a nightmare. My only regret is that I didn't meet Nancy much sooner in my life."

- 55 year old man

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