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A New Vision For Divorce

Divorce Coach Nancy helps clients consistently report reduced anxiety and isolation. People sincerely appreciate our professionals' expert guidance throughout the divorce process. 

They highly value participation in my supportive divorce community. I host over ten events each month through live virtual coaching worldwide.

Join me and learn about a better way to deal with divorce and how I can help guide you through this important life transition.

When Nancy Duarte endured years of physical, mental, and emotional abuse in her marriage for 17 years, she knew she needed to fight back. 

She created a plan to change her life, empower her, and prove to her daughters that she was a warrior. That's when she created a program that celebrated the "want tos", "choose tos", and "can't wait tos" in life, as opposed to constantly focusing on the 'have tos'. She then shared her truth and story with others, providing them with the tools they need to flourish after dealing with the tough things in life.

Because everyone has a story, she is here to help you discover the good parts of your narrative and seek all the enjoyable adventures and possibilities around you.

Nancy Duarte Life Coach has 23 years of experience as a Life & Divorce Coach and a former family therapist, and she has helped many families with high-conflict family issues. She teaches you that life has no limits. 

As someone who’s been through a divorce herself, Nancy Duarte understands the unique challenges that it presents. Between finances, emotional heartache, and protecting any children that are involved, divorce can be messy, complicated, and extremely draining. 

That’s why she aims to provide you with the coaching and support you need during this time. 

She can not only help you provide help with each element of the divorce process, such as finances, the legal aspects, and navigating single life, but can help you learn how to take the tough moments in life and turn them into something beautiful.

The initial and essential stage is to contact Nancy for help. We offer compassionate and tailored FREE advice and aid as you contemplate your next step. Our responsibility is to guide you towards the appropriate path that will provide you with serenity and solace during this challenging circumstance.

Why a Divorce Coach is Vital in Navigating a Narcissist And High-Conflict Divorce

Are you going through a divorce?

Do you feel exhausted, confused, overwhelmed and all the fighting is taking its toll on your health and peace of mind. The good news is I help people get back to feeling like themselves again.

Are you in the middle of a High Conflict Divorce? Is it time to end your marriage?

I am way too familiar. I was married to a man for 17 years, and it was a nightmare to go through the divorce process, especially because we had children. When dealing with a TOXIC RELATIONSHIP, all the rules change. You need to learn all the tools & tricks for their TOXIC game. I had to fire all of my attorneys and take action into my own hands. This was when I learned the mindset, the court system, and out beat attorney fees, not to mention mental exhaustion.

Stop stressing over the divorce process. Let me do all the work for you.

DIVORCE NAVIGATOR: helps you navigate the divorce process by providing professional guidance and a community of support customized to meet your needs during a difficult time.

My process helps you make the best decisions possible and achieve peace of mind. If so, I can help. Divorce Coach Nancy enables you to process and make the best decisions possible and achieve results and peace of mind. I offer online divorce support groups and coaching to help you navigate the difficult journey ahead with confidence.
When faced with a toxic high-conflict divorce, it is important to prepare 
yourself and stay vigilant, as the opposing party may 
deliberately create obstacles to prolong the divorce process.

 To equip yourself with knowledge and be better prepared, it is advisable 
to educate yourself on the strategies that a narcissistic individual 
might employ during court proceedings. 

Therefore, here are the initial steps you should consider taking to 
understand and counteract the tactics used by a narcissist in a legal setting.

To discover several strategies that narcissists employ, please click the button below.

Thinking About Divorce?

You Are Not Alone...

If you're considering divorce, you're not alone.

Divorce is a process that many people go through and it's important to have the right information to make the best decisions for yourself and your family.

I provide expert advice and resources so you can understand your options and make informed decisions about what's best for you.

You deserve to be happy in your life and I want to help you get there.

 My goal is to provide compassionate support every step of the way so that you can move on confidently with your future. I know it won't be easy, but I'll be there with you every step of the way.

The first critical step is to get in touch with Divorce Coach Nancy Concierge. 
I will provide caring, personalized guidance and support if you are to consider your next move.

 This call is important because you will receive immediate benefits as well. You'll save thousands in legal fees, and you'll sleep better at night .
In our first conversation I will explain things on the call that can help you avoid costly battles. 

Nancy's Mission 

Divorce Coach Nancy Duarte, a new vision for divorce. As you go through time and after endless attempts at compromising with your spouse, they will never understand nor accept anything from that point onwards because it's always about them - no one cares more than the other party involved in this situation!

 Stand strong and take care of yourself first so when things get tough, remember: don't create conflict; think about everyone else too (especially children); try negotiating solutions which work best for all parties involved rather than just yours alone-in order to save both yours AND their emotional straps during these trying times ahead...

First Steps

You're not alone. Millions of people every year choose to separate or divorce. There are many reasons why people make this decision, and each situation is unique. However, there are some things that are common to most separations and divorces.

Separation simply means you are living apart from your spouse, You are still legally married until you get a judgement of divorce from court.

However, generally a separation does affect the financial responsibilities between you and your spouse before the divorce is final.

In some states you can get legal separation by filing a request in family court.

There is not just one way to divorce. The differences can be in the law, like fault or not fault, or in the way you and your spouse approach it, like uncontested, contested or default. 

No matter how you slice it, divorce is expensive and time-consuming. The most important variable is how well you and your spouse are able to put aside your anger and grief and cooperate on the big issues of money and children.

To learn more. 
Book a call with Divorce Coach Nancy!

The first critical step is to get in touch with Divorce Coach Nancy’s Concierge.

 She will provide caring, personalized guidance and support as you consider your next move. 

Connect with Nancy so she can help. 

Book a FREE call with Nancy


As you can see, there are a lot of decisions to make in a divorce. You and your spouse can make these decisions yourselves, rather than having a judge make them for you. And you should make every effort to do so.

At such a painful time, it's difficult to just sit down with your spouse and figure out how you are going to remake your family structure, finances, and living situations.. 

But that doesn't mean you have to lose control of the decisions and slide into an expensive ugly divorce. You can get help.

When you are getting divorced, it's important to remind yourself that you're not alone. Lot's of others have been there before you, there's an enormous amount of information and help available to you.

I have sorted through some of it for you, click down below and we 
receive available resources, to get you started.

When You Can't Agree

If you and your spouse argue so much over property or child custody that you can't come to an agreement, and instead take these issues to the judge to decide, you have what's called a conted divorce. 

The trial itself may be short, but the entire process is long and hard. It will take a huge emotional toll on you, your spouse, and certainly your kids, and also cost you in dollars and cents.

Assuming each side's lawyer charges $250 per hour, and assuming an ordinary amount of information gathering and pretrial court proceedings, an average divorce might run each of $30,000 and that figure could easily be much higher with a few added complexities or more expensive hourly rates. 

Which brings me back to my initial advice. Take the high road whenever you can. The rewards aren't only monetary, but choosing compromise will definitely improve your bottom line. And less stress about money makes it easier to work out other issues, now and later.

It will also expedite things a contested divorce, especially if you are fighting over custody, can take years to resolve.

To learn more about this subject. Consider booking a call with Divorce Coach Nancy where she can help you work out issues you may need to reconsider before it is turned over to the judge.

What Happens To The Children?

Divorce is stressful for everyone, but when you have children, the stakes are higher, and you're responsible for protecting these most vulnerable participants in the divorce process. 

You and your spouse need to create a parenting plan,a document that will include your decisions about whether you'll share custody of your children equally, or whether one parent will be the primary custodial parent.

If you can't agree and create the plan yourself, the judge will decide it for you. Custody means both the right to have a child live with you and the right to make decisions about the child's welfare and education. 

A parent who doesn't have physical custody of the kids is usually given visitation rights.

Even if you and your spouse are never going to see eye to eye about money matters, you should try very hard to come to an agreement about custody and parenting arrangements. 

A custody fight will harm your children more than any other kind of dispute that might come up in the divorce process. Do everything you can to avoid it. 

At the beginning of your divorce process, you'll need to come up with a temporary agreement about how you will share time with your kids. You should do that as quickly as you can, to ease your children's insecurity.

Divorce Coach Nancy Concierge helps you through your parenting agreement that will save you a lot of money with your attorneys when you can simply have it done for you.

Book a Call with Divorce Coach Nancy and she can help you get started today!

Telling Children About Divorce

Telling children about a divorce can be one of the hardest parts of the entire process. I have created a video for you to help you understand how to talk to them about the breakup as and the most important thing is to reassure them that it is not their fault and they're not losing either of their parents.




In this program, you will learn tools for effectively co-parenting 
your child(ren) during and after your divorce or separation.

 When the parents separate, a whole new set of challenges arise. 
Your child(ren) now have to deal with rules in two homes.

 This course is designed to teach you effective strategies for raising your children as a co-parent and you will be able to have a peace of mind.

Who this program is for:
Parents who are no longer in a romantic 
relationship with the other parent(s) of their child(ren) 

If you know anyone who's gotten a divorce, you know that 
sometimes divorces can get a little bit messy and a whole lot petty:

Read What People Have To Say About Divorce Coach Nancy:

"Even though we’d agreed that I would eventually buy him out, my husband wouldn’t leave the house until everything was settled and the payment was made." 

"With Nancy’s help because my lawyer couldn’t make him go. She helped me come up with a plan. He moved out and I moved in with a roommate that helped me pay for half of what he was going to pay until I was able to buy him out. By the way my roommate was a lot more pleasant than he was. Lol"

 - 40 year old divorced woman

"Twenty-year marriage — I found out while she was in surgery that she was talking to a man on Facebook, telling him he was separated and sending them money (money I was transferring him to pay bills)."

I went to Divorce Coach Nancy and she asked, 'What do you want to do?' My answer was, 'To be happy.' That was the moment I knew the marriage was over."

-57 year old divorced man

"Once the divorce was finalized, I can say it was quite daunting to wrap my mind around the fact that my marriage was truly over and that your life as a single person has resumed." 

"When I contacted Nancy, through her coaching after my marriage ended, she helped by guiding me to find ways to understand and cope."

 "It was an amazing experience to learn through her how you can handle your emotions after divorce and I can offer support to my children the best possible, as they try to cope through their own divorce. And not losing my mind."

-38 year old woman

"When I saw the text messages between him and his 19-year-old coworker when I was six months pregnant. He left me a week before our second daughter was born..."

"Nancy helped me realize, It was actually a blessing in disguise, I divorced him. I moved on and met someone who treated me way better than he ever did, got married, and we added another baby to our family."

-38 year old divorced woman

"When I met Nancy, I was devastated, my wife left me because he said it was impossible to communicate with me. "

"I clearly did not see it! I was struggling after 10 years of marriage that I didn’t see it coming."

"She taught me how to resolve conflicts and communicate with love and understanding. I now can see where I failed my wife and without her guidance and her showing me through an outside perspective and it has changed me as a man and with my new relationship."

-60 year old divorced man

After several coaching sessions with Nancy, I learned how to get back into the routines of daily life. Most likely, many of those routines were not the same as when I was married. Nancy helped me through my anxiety and discovered ways to minimize the negative effects the divorce has on yourself and your children."

-29 year old woman

"I was married over 20 years and I always felt I wasn’t enough for my husband. I was always trying to prove to him my worth. At times he made me feel unattractive and useless if I want to be honest."

 "When Nancy showed me the way, she was able to pinpoint exactly who I was married to." 

"This woman was a TOXIC woman that destroyed my heart through my children and I confused it for love." 

"What a nightmare. My only regret is that I didn't meet Nancy sooner."

- 55 year old man

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